Jeffs Ice-O-Miniums sleepers rentals for walleye ice fishing on Lake of the Woods!  
Jeffs Ice-O-Miniums walleye ice fishing sleepers on Lake of the Woods! Sleepers on Lake of the Woods provides the biggest ice fishing shacks,  ice fishing shelter, and  ice fishing shanty rentals among the best Minnesota outfitters for ice fishing. Catch walleye, sauger, northern pike, jumbo perch, and eelpout!

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Directions to Ice Fishing on Lake of the Woods
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Some of the species you'll have a good chance of catching while ice fishing Jeff's Ice-O-Miniums on Lake of the Woods.

Lake of the Woods ice fishing shelter rentals for walleyes, jumbo perch, northern pike and others when renting a ice fishing shelter.While fishing LOW, you will have the chance to catch many of the varieties through the ice. While the most popular (and many will say the tastiest), and commonly caught will be the Walleye.

After more than 25 years of running sleeper ice shack rental services, count on Jeff and company's experience to give you the best chance of a fun and successful trip! Access to the lake is very close to Jeff's home, so they are usually quite close.

Unlike much of the waters on Lake of the Woods, there is good structure where Jeff's Ice-O-Miniums houses are set into rotation. Like most ice fishing during the early season, the ice fishing shacks are located in shallower waters, closer to shore. As the season progresses, the houses will be rotated out toward deeper waters, following the walleye schools.

The most popular species targeted at Jeff's Ice-o-miniums sleepers on Lake of the Woods. During the daytime, action comes in waves and can be fast and furious. Oftentimes, the bite will start on one side of the shack, and as the school moves through, each fisherman in line will start getting bites so a house has a good chance of multiple catches! Great fun!
Sauger appear to team up and school with walleye so you have a great chance of catching both species. They are very similar in appearance to walleye. The easiest way to tell them apart is that the walleye tend to be a bit more gold in color than sauger, and the walleye also has a white patch on the bottom of their tail. Sauger are great eating but typically don't get as large as walleye.
Northern Pike
Northern Pike are definitely something that you have a real chance of catching when ice fishing Lake of the Woods. There are stories of northern pike that prowl just beneath the ice waiting for fishermen to let small walleyes go back down the hole for an easy meal. If you do happen to hook into a northern, you will have a fight on your hands! Feel free to bring along a tip-up and some chubs or sucker minnows to increase your chances.
Yellow Perch
Perch are a bonus species that you will more than likely get a sample of when fishing for walleye. They don't school with them but they do cruise the same neighborhoods, and will hit the same lures and baits. The bonus is that the limits for perch are higher, and they eat almost as well!
Occasionally a school of tulibee will move through. If you happen to catch some they are fabulous when soaked in brine then smoked.
Eelpout (Better know as "Smilies" at Jeffs)
It is quite predictable that someone during your stay on Lake of the Woods icefishing that someone will catch onto an eelpout. They will put up a fight in which they spin on their way up to the hole, and tend to tangle all the lines. People used to leave them on the ice (please don't).

Though not the prettiest fish, they are an apex predator along with northern pike and muskie. Recently they have been becoming more popular as they are very tasty (even called freshwater cod).
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